Wollongong Off Road Duathlon

About AdventureXseries

About AdventureXseries

Adventure X is a new brand of event being launched under the management of Event & Sports Projects Australia Pty Ltd.

The 2009 Wollongong Duathlon is the first event to be created under the AdventureX banner, with 2010 seeing a 2-3 other events being included on the AdventureX calendar.

Julian Sanderson, Director of Event & Sports Projects Australia, regards physical activity, healthy lifestyle education and participation as an essential element to a rich and full life, with each personal challenge undertaken, whether ‘successful or not’, being another extension of the individual’s overall life experience.

The ‘Adventure’ aspect of the brand attempts to symbolise an individual’s journey of achievement from the unknown through to a point of completion, and in this case is not to necessarily link it to the word ‘extreme’. The word ‘Adventure’ will have a different meaning for each individual and challenge individual pursuits. As event organisers we aim to establish a series of unique and interesting lifestyle recreational events initially around the Regional and Greater Areas of Sydney.

As a practiced sports coach and physical trainer for over 12 years and then a change to managing events over 8 years ago, Julian regards these type of events along with the many other fantastic events that are held throughout NSW and Australia, as activities that help shape our way of life and our passion for all things ‘active & fun’.

We hope that AdventureX events will become another way for people to ‘get out & about’ to enjoy our great outdoors, and even if you are just there for ‘support’ and don’t take part in the event itself, we hope that some of the events we create, and the areas that we go to will be interesting and provide peripheral leisure activities for you and your family to enjoy.

Initially our event will be designed with simplicity in mind and without a huge number of competition categories due to limited Sponsor interest this year, but slowly working toward more sophisticated events in the future. Designed with wide community appeal, for people of all ages and capabilities to compete as individuals, on in teams (family, corporate or community), we hope people take on the challenge of being ‘more active’ through participating in activities such as this.

‘Register Now’ for the first AdventureX event – The 2009 Wollongong Off-Road Duathlon.

The AdventureX series of events will give you a new ‘active lifestyle’ choice for the future.

About ESPA

About ESPA

“Event & Sports Projects Australia Pty Ltd (ESPA) is a commercial supplier of professional event & project management services to a number of large-scale events in Sydney and a number of smaller events in Melbourne.

Julian Sanderson is the Director of ESPA and with over 20 years’ experience locally and internationally in the events & sporting arena, Julian has built a solid foundation in providing specialised event project management, traffic, operational and event training services.

Some of the more recent projects and clients ESPA are active with, or have been involved with are;

  • World Youth Day Coordination Authority – Precinct Coordination
  • Sydney New Years Eve Celebrations, 2004 - present
  • Sydney Running Festival, 2002 - present
  • Commonwealth Day Queens Visit 2006
  • Seven Bridges Walk, 2006 & 2007
  • Premier’s Seniors Week and Christmas Concerts, 2005 - 2007
  • Day of Difference Walk 2007
  • Field Day in the Royal Botanic Gardens, 2008
  • Earthdance in Sydney Park 2007
  • Australia Day Fun Runs, multiple sites nation wide
  • The MS Melbourne Summer Cycle, 2007